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Wealth-Legacy Arts
"Giving Tree" Program

Where art is given, shared, and grown. 

What is the significance of the name, “Giving Tree”? Roots grow deep into the ground, and give life to the tree, so it can be healthy and grow strong. Arts educational programs that combine excellence in both artistic and business management can give support to our youth and become the backbone of our community.

​Wealth-Legacy Arts  "Giving Tree" Program is a direct response to the inequity in access to high-quality arts education. This scholarship program connects students and families that are economically disadvantaged, under-served, and unrepresented to local teachers and arts-based organizations. Wealth-Legacy Inc. plans to raise funds on behalf of its partnering arts-based service providers that are unable to offer such support, yet are masterfully capable in providing exceptional service. Wealth-Legacy Arts "Giving Tree" Program objective is to be a resource and support model program for students and arts providers within the Hudson Valley.

      Help us "grow" our Wealth-Legacy Arts  "Giving Tree" Program
        so that we can continue to advance accessibility to the arts.


W-L Music and Dance Programs


Character & Classical Ballet Series 

with independent Teaching Artist, Christa Coates.

Guest teacher, Christa Coates, protégé of the Hudson Valley's very own Mme. Seda Sorvillo, (Ballet Arts Studio), and Tom Adair (Poughkeepsie Ballet Theatre) brings your students classical ballet and traditional character dance techniques, such as the Mazurka and Hungarian Dances essential to classical ballet repertoire. For dancers with intermediate and advanced ballet training. Available to teach at your local school as a Master Class!

CONTACT us to sign up!

Resources for local arts programs:

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