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Our Mission

Wealth-Legacy creates access to quality arts education programs both on and off-line, while supporting and advocating for local arts educators and artists.

Our Values

  1. Talent is both a “gift” and something that can be grown. 

  2. Legacy is created by Investing in the talents and abilities of our community through alternative arts based learning.

  3. By providing avenues of access and facilitation we can help to uphold a diverse and influential arts-led community that makes for a better world.


Our Inspiration

If you think of wealth, in terms of your life, do you only think of money? 

Most people think wealth is money. Money is mostly thought of as simply the “currency” with which we can pay for things we need. When we have it, we feel secure. Without it, we often feel insecure and scared. Having money is also often equated with happiness and success.


We define wealth differently. We are not a wealth management firm. Enjoying the creative process of creating a dance, playing music, writing and reading and filming a script, and sharing the love of art with others; these are the things that bring people joy and define true wealth.

Share in our values. Grow arts education and connection that is the mission of Wealth-Legacy.

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