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Need + Impact

The arts are an essential part of our learning process, our personal happiness and overall societal and community wellness. The arts are valuable alternative learning tools, our most influential forms of communication, and our most vital outlets for personal expression at any age. 
The need for the arts is founded in fact:
Research gathered by Americans for the Arts has proven that:
  • 72% of business leaders said creativity was the number one skill they look for when hiring. Yet many of the courses that help develop the creative skills employers seek aren't required in high school.
  • Income level determines access. High poverty schools are 2x more likely to have no access to the arts. 
  • 93% of Americans believe that the arts are vital to providing a well-rounded education.
  • 90% believe that the arts are critical to a community's quality of life.
  • As a $730 billion industry, representing 4.2 percent of the nation’s GDP, the arts clearly strengthen our economy. 
Learn more interesting facts here.
Wealth-Legacy's Goals 
Wealth-Legacy aims to be part of the movement that restores the arts into everyday learning for all by:
  1. making high-quality arts education and opportunities accessible through free and low-cost programming available online and in person
  2. connecting local teachers and students through online promotion and advocacy
  3. committing to a larger strategy that develops and sustains local arts organizations and arts-based services
In doing so we hope to:
  • provide our community's youth with the tools they need to develop and pursue their innate talents
  • infuse the arts into spaces that need them most to enhance community wellness and provide awareness 
  • be a reliable community partner and resource that provides a “happy place” for artists, arts administrators, students and families
Wealth-Legacy aims to reflect the needs of it's community, and we want to learn from you! 
Contact us about your favorite arts-based programs, videos, or organizations, so that 
we can share them with our community. Contact us if you would like to partner with us in the effort of sustaining arts services in the Hudson Valley. 
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