“My passion has always been to
take whatever gifts I have been
given, and use them to their
maximum potential.”




Ballet & Character Teacher –
30 years experience

I teach beginning, intermediate, advanced ballet,
point, and character classes. I have been most recently engaged by Ballet Arts Studio of Beacon, NY where I taught character, and Betty Jeans of Wappingers Falls where I taught ballet and pointe.

I have been teaching for over 30 years, and follow
the teaching methods received from extensive
training at Indiana University School of Music,
Ballet Performance Major from 1984-86, and
Russell Sage College, Arts Administration Major,
and Minor in Dance.

I was inspired to create my charity, after completing a year long coaching program, and Women's Conference called "The Inner Edge" in 2013.
I have been blessed to support both my family, and the arts, because of the success in my planning business, built over the last eighteen years, while raising two children Roy Coates, III (A United States Marine), and Nancy Coates (Screen-writer), alongside my husband Roy Coates. 
When I am not preparing for and teaching Dance, I am working with clients to help them keep their passions alive by providing sound financial advice..."If you want to learn more about planning for your financial future... and take charge of your Financial Life, go to www.christacoates.com.