Public School Music Teacher
15 years experience

Roy Coates has been a public school music teacher in the Hudson Valley for over 15 years and holds the New York State teacher certification (permanent) in music for grades K-12.

Roy Coates has been teaching guitar and low brass instruments since his graduation from Boston University (1979). He earned his Masters degree in Music Education from Western Connecticut State University (2005), and has just successfully completed a 3-year music teaching contract with the Wappingers Central School District.

Roy has served the State of New York (DMNA) as a volunteer member of the New York State Guard 89th Band for over 8 years and for the past 2 years has been appointed 89th Band Commander and Conductor, having attained the rank of Captain (NYG).



Roy's performance credits include over 10 years membership in the famous Goldman Memorial Band (NYC) as tubist and soloist. Most recently CPT Coates has been detailed to the 42nd Infantry Division Band, (NYANG), CW3 Mark Kimes, Commander, as guest tubist and guest conductor.Roy is an active performer on vintage brass instruments and has appeared in concerts, historical reenactments and recordings.


He has performed with the Federal City Brass Band, the 26th North Carolina Regimental Band, the 47th Pennsylvania Regimental Band and Newberry's Cornet Band in performances in Minnesota, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Washington, DC, Maryland and New York. He may also be heard on the celebrated Newberry's Cornet Band recording (MSR Label) featuring the music of newly-discovered American band composer Thomas Coates.vv